Please Put Your Phone Down

As Mason’s 6 month “birthday” approaches, so does something much much more sad – the 6th month anniversary of the death of Grayson Jett


Photo Courtesy of the Star Tribune

Grayson was the son of the wonderful folks who brought Joe the Greyhound into our lives. His mom and I had spent hours on the phone during Joe’s adoption process and during the months that followed. Although we haven’t talked much in the 6 years since we brought Joe home, whenever we ran into each other at the annual greyhound picnic we were more than happy to chat and catch up. In 2009, I got to meet the newest addition to her family – not a greyhound, but an adorable little boy named Grayson.

In March of this year, 2 days after my Mason was born, the unthinkable happened. 14 month old Grayson and his father were rear-ended by a vehicle that was going 55 mph in a 40 mph zone. The vehicle was being driven by a driver who was searching for her cell phone instead of watching the road. Grayson didn’t survive the crash. The driver of the car that hit them was charged with criminal vehicular homicide and failing to have car insurance. But really, that doesn’t matter. What matters is Grayson died because of something so incredibly preventable.

Please you guys, I don’t care if your commute is long and boring or if that’s a potential job offer on the line. Don’t talk and drive. Don’t text and drive. Don’t even go “Hey, I wonder if my phone is in my purse or not??” while driving. That ten seconds of distraction is all it takes to ruin a life. To ruin many lives. It really is that quick. I know everyone feels like “it won’t happen to me” but it can and does happen. I know we all feel like we’re skilled drivers and that we can handle the multi-tasking. But, really, is it worth it? Should another precious life be lost over a stupid phone call? A text message that says LOL? I don’t think so. It makes me so sad to think that while I’m celebrating six months of life with Mason, they’re mourning six months having went by without their little boy. It’s just not fair.

So please, promise me that you won’t use your cell phone while driving. If not for me, for Grayson’s family?

8 thoughts on “Please Put Your Phone Down

  1. shawntae Post author

    That is soo sooo sad! I can’t imagine.:(

    I try soo hard not to talk on the phone while I drive but I sure as hell DO NOT text. It makes me nervous trying to text and drive.

    I will try harder though after reading this. Thanks for Sharing.

    p.s Mason you are too cute!! Stop growing soo fast!! I love his hat too.

  2. allie Post author

    so sad! washington state has a no cell phone law, it’s so great i think more states should as well. here in georgia you can drive and talk and i’ve seen do many horrible drivers because of it. this is a great reminder for everyone. thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Liz Barber Post author

    It’s a good reminder for all of us. We never think that something like that could happen to us but your right all it takes is a few seconds of distraction and everything can change for the worse.

  4. Laura Jane Post author

    That’s just heartbreaking. And as much as we would all want to condemn a person for doing such a thing, imagine what that poor woman has to live with now. I can’t imagine the guilt and sorrow for taking that innocent boy’s life over a stupid mistake.

    Many thoughts for Grayson’s family.

  5. Jo Post author

    First time visiting because I saw that you might have popped by my place. Such a sad story and being all weepy and hormonal and preggo it sure get get me sniffly. I cannot imagine the suffering for both of these families.

    On a side note, your son is absolutely adorable.

  6. Katie@SassySillySpunkyMomma Post author

    Thanks for the reminder. I get so mad when I see people driving down the interstate texting and driving.

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