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For those of you who have been around for a while, you know I’ve been debating what car seat to get Mason for months and months. Heck, if I debate and research forever over a $100 electronics item, I’m definitely going to do the same with a $200+ car seat that protects my kid’s life and that’s going to be around hopefully for many many years. As most of you know, my only real huge soapbox topic around here is extended rear-facing. I believe every child should be rear facing until they are at least 2 years old. So a carseat that realistically could make that happen for us had to have a rear facing weight of 40 lbs (hopefully more) and a decent height as well.

So after endless debate, a fellow mommy’s rave reviews, and more endless debate, we decided on the Sunshine Radian XTSL. Steel body, 45 pound rear facing limit, and the ONLY negative reviews I read anywhere were that it was insanely hard to install….

Well, to make a long story short, ordered it, got it, and after over 5 hours of trying, we can’t get the thing to work safely in my Lumina. It won’t fit in an outboard position and the center lapbelt can not get tight enough to make the seat work properly. So, so much for all of my hard work and research *sigh*

But, being that we were starting to feel like Mason’s car seat straps were going to turn him into a hunchback, I didn’t have another 5 months to spend researching carseats, so I went with our number two choice. Mason would like to introduce you to his new friend.

“Actually, this is pretty cozy!”

“I like it, I like it a lot!”

“Look daddy, I already fell asleep in it!”

“Just kidding! Off to daycare for me in my swell new Britax Boulevard 70! Have a great day everyone!”

10 thoughts on “New Carseat

  1. Ellen Post author

    So frustrating to have to return the Radian, but he looks so cozy and comfortable in the Britax! I’m glad that one fits well.

  2. Colleen Post author

    I’m glad you guys finally found a car seat that works for you. The Munchkin’s feet are almost hanging off the edge of his current one, so I’m going to have to start looking for an upgrade soon. (That’s when you get a new one, right? When their feet hang over?)

  3. Kerry McCullough Post author

    We had to move Niall to the big boy car seat right at 12 months because he’s so tall, which I was really nervous about. But he loves it. It’s so fun to be able to look in the rear view and see him smiling at me 🙂

  4. Cole Post author

    Looks nice! I can’t tell from the pics – is it in the center seat? Mommy would prefer I be in the middle, but the no one else would be able to ride in the back ever, so my seat is installed on the driver’s side – rear-facing, of course… At the rate I’m growing, I’ll be rear-facing until kindergarten!

  5. Randalin Post author

    I totally agree with you about the importance of extended rear facing. Kale HATES the carseat and everyone tells me it’ll get better when he turns 1 and I can turn him around. When I tell them we’re planning to keep him rear facing, they look at me like I’m insane. Oh well, isn’t the first time I’ve seen people give me that look….
    Glad the britax worked out for you 🙂

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