The Dogs Named Our Kid

When we got our first greyhound, he came with the name Joe and we really thought that was an odd name for a dog. We spent the next three months trying to decide on a different name and never came close to agreeing on anything. At that point, we realized that even if we could agree on a new name, it would probably be pretty confusing since we’d been calling him Joe for months by then and he responded to it. So he stayed Joe.

Unfortunately, babies don’t come from the womb named. We spent months and months researching and debating. Name books, social security lists, polling other people, the internet, old family names, and on and on. We wanted something unusual enough that there wouldn’t be 54 of them in his class, but common enough that people wouldn’t struggle with spelling or pronouncing it. And then we had to deal with the “Oh, that’s our friend’s daughter’s name…” and the “Oh, I really dislike someone with that name…”, which really seemed to narrow our options. It got to the point where I was sure we weren’t going to be allowed to leave the hospital because they were going to declare us incompetent for being unable to name a baby. It seems like most people have Boy and Girl #1’s names picked out practically on conception… not us!

So when we reached the 7 or 8 month mark, we had finally both picked a name that we really liked. Only, it wasn’t the same name. Neither of us hated the other person’s choice, we just liked our own better. Given that neither name was a family name, both went equally well with his middle name, and we’re big on “equal parenting,” how in the world could we pick whose name to use?

Enter Joe the Greyhound. Who better to pick the name for our first child than “our first child?”

We rigged up some elaborate scheme based around dog biscuits. I bought a bag of those generic nasty ones that come in multiple colors but are all one flavor (supposedly, I can’t say I tried them) and we would put two treats across the room and tell Joe “Red is for name X, Brown is for Name Y” and let him choose. Over and over, even though we mixed up the treat colors, the location in the room, the “dog releaser,” and every other detail possible, and Joe picked the same name over and over.

We let Daisy Doodles have vote too and she picked the name Mason every time but once.

So that settled it. Our little unnamed baby became Mason James. No guilt, no resentment, a perfect name picked by the whole family.

Although he would have made a pretty good Owen too, right?

Vintage Baby Mason

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9 thoughts on “The Dogs Named Our Kid

  1. CJ Post author

    I think Joe the dog would be great friends with our dog, Kevin. Yes, Kevin.

    He certainly does look like a Mason!

  2. Bridget @ Le. Rheims Post author

    I may have to try this with our next baby (number 6 for us), but let the older kids do the choosing, using M&Ms or something. 🙂 We’re almost out of all of my “I need to use this name” names. 🙂 Stopping by from Mama Kat’s

  3. Miranda Post author

    what a good way to decide! I like the name owen but he seems like a Mason to me. And i’m not blogging about it but I almost named our son Emerson or Weston. But obv chose Mason too! 🙂

  4. Nicole DeZarn Post author

    I think this is a brilliant way to choose a baby name!!! Love it. We have 4 kids and when our 3rd child came along, we let my oldest kids name her. We manipulated though, her name is not Hannah Montana, it’s Mylie Grace (in our defense, that show was not very big back then:) )

  5. Summer Post author

    Picking a name is super hard! Soooo much pressure. Your solution seems to have worked well!

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